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18 Aug. 2022
Meredith (Ventura California)

We were so excited about receiving the CARD TABLE TENT that we special ordered from you on line. We knew it was going to be fantastic from pictures you sent, But it was so much more than that. We tried to choose our favorite side, but couldn’t, as it was all so creative. The sand castle creates such a magical entrance. The palm trees are magnificent as they reach up to the sky and out to the sea - again, so creative! And the portholes with their double buttons are absolutely incredible; not only can you see in and out, but the glittery “glass” seems to reflect our shining sea. You were also able to create the message in a bottle idea. The seahorse is darling, especially the way it’s tail wraps around the kelp. And we can’t wait until the grandkids spy the pearl in the oyster! The variegated pink and orange fish with the gold dots are having fun swimming through the kelp. We can tell they are having fun from the smiles on their faces! The curly pink tentacles of the jelly fish are unbelievable. So cool the way you cut the fabric to make them hang free and curly. All of this and then you included the carrying case with the anchor and more special buttons in keeping with the theme of the “Sea House”. I can’t thank you enough for your creativity, imagination, attention to detail and dedication to your craft. I’m so blessed to have stumbled upon your website!

9 Jul. 2021
Lona (DeRieux)

Oh my goodness Deycie, Your work is beautiful and you have created so much! This makes my heart so happy! I love you Deycie Luke!

23 Oct. 2020
Bev Butler (Idaho and Arizona)

We are in Idaho for the summer and Arizona in the winter. We received two of your mustards as gifts. Loved them want some for Christmas gifts.

14 Aug. 2020
Seidy (Las Vegas)

Hi Deycie, So glad we saw the truck advertising your quilt cabin. Thank you for the warm welcome. Loved the tour of the farm. Today we had your peach jelly, so good. I’m enjoying the goodies I bought at your shop. We look forward to the quilt show June 2021.

13 Sep. 2019
Shauna Crittenden (SVR WYO)


15 Aug. 2019
Susan Geist (Kansas)

Sure glad we pulled off and checked your store out. Wonderful place. Beautiful quilts. Got some fun things . Thanks for the tour . Had a lot of fun. Wish I lived closer to come and quilt with you. Thanks again!!

27 May. 2019
Kerrie (Ammon)

Deycie thanks for the warm welcome yesterday. We enjoyed your shop. This morning we had your jelly on our toast. I got the chokecherry and crabapple. Thanks again!

7 Jul. 2018


13 Apr. 2018
Cathy (Rigby)

Just heard about you and your shop yesterday. Can hardly wait for you to open!

13 Oct. 2017
Caroline (Niceville, Florida)

I love your quilts and crafts! They are absolutely beautiful!!

1 Oct. 2017
Hal Reese (Texas)

Thanks for the shopping, wool blanket coat, and your Wednesday. Best of luck to you Hal

5 Aug. 2017

love you product.....i am a quilter too add me to your list marilyn

20 Jun. 2017
Geri (Swan Valley, Idaho)

I had a great time at your Souper Saturday! I learned a lot and enjoyed the wonderful soup and company. I will come again. What a great idea! Your shop is a must see. There's something for everyone!

2 Oct. 2016
Susan (Louisville,KY)

My sister and her daughter visited your store this past August. They live in Charleston, South Carolina. They know I love quilt stores so they brought home a few goodies.. Like you I love to sew so when my husband is entertained with watching golf and football ( just watching, not playing) I feel that I can "go sew". Since my sisters package arrived today I just wanted to say hello as I sit with my new thumb pin cushion.

26 Jul. 2016
Rayleen (Upland CA)

I have driven by your sign on the road so many times and finally got the opportunity to stop. Wow what great stuff you have! I look forward to stopping again and have told several others to check out the Quilt Cabin. Keep up the great work!

7 Jul. 2016
Carol (SVR)

Just left my happy place. My husband surprised me and turned down your road. Your Quilt Cabin is a crafters dream inside and out. I loved my visit. Will return.

14 Aug. 2015
Melanie (Orange CA)

We had a wonderful time visiting with you & admiring all of your beautiful handiwork! You are an amazing lady and we will think of you every time we use one of our purchases!

18 Oct. 2014
Betty (Star, Idaho)

I loved visiting with you today in the Quilt Cabin. Your stitches really are museum quality. I hope we have the opportunity to display some of your work at the Star Quilt Show this July. Thanks for making my afternoon! BETTY

4 Oct. 2013
Phil (Scottsdale, AZ)

I have forwarded a link to your site to my daughters and daughter-in-law, and some of my wife's friends. They are all craft-oriented and will surely like a lot of your creations.

20 Aug. 2013
Christy (Commerce Township, MI)

{F16 Daddy Design Your Own} "Just got the Quilt today!!! OMG This is so AWESOME!!!! Can't believe I didn't think of this LOL They are going to Love, Love, Love it. Great Job!!!!!

17 Aug. 2013
Paula (Brownsville, Oregon)

These items are unbelievable. They are so beautifully done. I would love to order some of them, they would make wonderful Christmas gifts.

10 Aug. 2013
Mavis (Orem, UT)

Looks great! I think I get a lot done in my sewing room but you make me look lazy. Maybe I need to get them all together in one photo album and I would feel better. Keep up the good work!

19 Jul. 2013
Jennifer (Ririe, ID)

It was fun to see all your newer creations. I'm excited for your little Country Boutique and jealous of your adorable old little log cabin. It looks amazing!

19 Jul. 2013
Jessica (Ririe, ID)

Thank you for helping me design and sew the pillows for my brother and sister! They just LOVED them, and it was so fun to spend the day with you!

19 Jul. 2013
Ryli (Provo)

Wow I knew you loved to quilt but I didn't realize how much stuff you actually make!

6 Jul. 2013
Kinzi (Provo, UT)

Hey Mom, It is so cool to see what you've been working on. Ryli did a great job with your site.

1 Jun. 2013
Chelsea (Layton, Utah)

Your website looks wonderful! I'm so glad you have a way to show and sell your beautiful work. Yay Ryli! We'll have to get you some more pictures of the quilt you made for us so you can post them. Love you! Chelsea

12 Dec. 2012
Breydi (Idaho Falls)

Very cool skills. Tell your models to look happy though!

6 Dec. 2012
Merrie Sue (Rigby)

WOW! I am impressed. I knew you quilted really well, but that stuff is amazing. You are quite the artist. Keep up the great work. I hope the web site works out for you.

6 Dec. 2012
Dave (Idaho Falls)

Your website is cool. Are you getting any business?