Thank you for visiting my website- a birthday/Christmas gift from my son Ryli. He made it possible to have a constant private QUILT SHOW without ever having to leave my sewing room:)

Hi, I am Deycie Luke and this is my website.

I married a grain farmer in 2009 and we live 2 miles from a nearest neighbor and 30 miles from Idaho Falls. We are smack dab between . . . 16 miles from the town of Ririe and 16 miles from the town of Swan Valley. My husband is a small business owner and works hard sun up to sun down 6 days a week. Yes, "He built that!" and he continues building it on a daily basis.
I prepare him a home cooked meal served at 1:00 each afternoon in the farmhouse. The rest of the time each day is my own so . . . . . . . I sew.

My mom quilted for others when I was a child. I and my 8 brothers and sisters were pretty much raised under a quilt. I'd thread the needles for the older ladies during quilting bees. I'd get my own needle and want to "help". Momma told me when I could get my stitches small enough she would no longer pull them out. I worked and worked on 'tiny stitches' until finally as an adult living in Dallas the quilt guild ladies told me, "Your stitches are MUSEUM QUALITY."

I don't know if anyone will buy anything, I hope you do, because then I can buy more fabric and stay busy, but if you don't I hope you enjoy looking at my work. I love creating it.

2018 UPDATE People DO buy things and I am so grateful to my many loyal customers and wonderful friends I have made these last 6 years. I now sell not only sewn items but items from my kitchen and the farm. Have you tried crabapple chokecherry jelly on my hand ground corn bread? I give free samples of my custom mustards straight from the fields to the table.